PT patient doing band work

Health insurance plans accepted include:

  • Kaiser Permanente PPO
  • First Choice
  • Labor & Industries (L&I)
  • Personal Injury Protection / Motor Vehicle Accidents (PIP / MVA)
  • Cash Pay ($240 for initial evaluation and $175 for follow-up visits).
    Please note: these fees are a 25% reduction of the amount billed to insurance. PT is reimbursed at a much lower rate than the rate charged.
    Please note that I am now out of network for Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Regence and Premera and I no longer take medicare.

Payment Information

Insurance claims will be submitted directly to your insurance company on your behalf. All co-payments are due at the time of service. Payment from your insurance company will be made directly to Seattle PT Solutions.

For any insurance questions or concerns please call:

Robyn Chapin
Chapin’s Medical Billing

My Path to the Cash Pay System of Medical Care

Dear Patients,

I have dedicated my career to patient care with the goal of assisting you to better health and optimizing your return of function.

Sadly, the insurance industry has made the process of reimbursement for the PT’s more and more difficult and prohibitively expensive. That is why I am now shifting to a cash pay practice.

The time I save on insurance reimbursement paper work will be dedicated to direct patient care. As more and more P/T’s shorten their client care sessions in response to the increasing paperwork, I have decided to focus on patient care.
I hope you understand the predicament I find myself in with the current state of the health insurance system, but rest assured that I will provide whatever forms, documents and other information you need to pursue the reimbursements you are entitled to from your insurance carrier.