Karen Greeley with PT patientFirst Appointment

Please take a moment to fill out the new patient paperwork before your first visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of problems do Physical Therapists treat?
Physiotherpists treat musculoskeletal conditions. Musculoskeletal conditions are those conditions or injuries affecting the joints, muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments, and nerves. Mostly there is a recent direct injury or incident that is responsible for the onset of pain or loss of function. Sometimes, however, the injury may be related to an accident from a long time ago. We are trained to help distinguish if an old injury is contributing to the current problem.
We are also known as movement specialists as we are trained to restore normal movement with the primary goal of restoring optimum function.
What is a Manual Physical Therapist?
Most PT’s incorporate manual physical therapy into their practice but not all Physical Therapist’s are qualified Manual Physical Therapists. Those that are have the initials CMPT or COMT after their name. This means that they have taken further courses in differential diagnosis (the ability to assess and differentiate the injured tissue) and treat these conditions by manual means. Certified Manual Therapist’s have passed written and practical examinations after extensive course work.
What is a Fellow of Manual Physical Therapy?
This is a PT who has taken further course work and one on one study with a senior advanced clinician spending many hours being assessed and examined to an advanced level, who has been a fellow himself/herself for a number of years. When having passed the process of study and examination they may be admitted onto the American Academy of Manual Physical Therapy Association (AAOMPT).
What will happen during my first visit?
You will be asked to arrive 15 mins early in order to fill out forms about your current condition as well as forms about your insurance. You will then be assessed by Karen and treatment will be initiated.
What should I wear?
Your normal street clothes, however we will likely ask you to change into shorts and a tank top (for women), and shorts and a T-shirt or no shirt for men. Please bring your running or walking shoes with you.
How often will I need to come in? How long will my treatment take?
This is variable and is best decided after evaluating your problem. Some conditions take 2 visits to sort out, others may take more visits. Each visit is 50 minutes long. You are typically seen weekly for 4 – 10 visits, depending on your condition.
I have seen many other Physical Therapists for my problem. Do I have to start all over again?
Not necessarily but a full thorougher assessment is important to establish what has been done and what perhaps has been missing from your care.